Tyre Sealants

Puncturesafe is an innovative product of tyre sealants which is guaranteed to work long term, unlike all other tyre sealants on the market.

Puncturesafe is a blend of polymers which coats and clings to the inner wall of the tyre. It is permanent puncture preventative which conditions the tyre and extends its life.

It is guaranteed to work very long term in a high speed tyre (40mph or over), other tyre sealants have found to have fallen apart at speeds over 40mph. The product has 3 main unique features.

 1. The ability not to seal dangerous punctures.

 2. The ability to give full (100%), even coverage through the whole inner tyre (60% - 70% coverage in other branded tyre sealants)

 3. The ability to withstand the heat and stress in a tyre (the polymers will not seperate as in other branded tyre sealants).


tyre sealants


The above diagram illustrates that as the obstruction is removed the Puncturesafe will fill the hole, providing a permanent, long lasting repair.